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Darshan Press is an independent publishing house focused on theological and philosophical insight into the enduring significance of devotional Vedānta in the 21st century. In particular, we explore the breadth and depth of the 15th-century aesthetic Vedānta of Śrī Caitanya through the theological insight of Swāmī B.V. Tripurāri. Swāmī’s deep spiritual experience allows him to draw readers into the depths of Gauḍīya Vedānta, while simultaneously expressing its universality. Swāmī’s writing is also complemented by the artwork of renowned Rajasthani master Mahaveer Swāmī, the finest traditional artist working in India today. In addition to Swāmī’s books, Darshan Press also offers Mahaveer Swāmī’s artwork and related works from other authors and artists.

Swami Tripurari

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